Thursday, September 22, 2005


I haven't posted in awhile...I've been helping a friend in her office. I spent a day doing data entry -- I wonder how long one could do that for, without going crazy. The grand feeling of doing something needed and worthwhile left me by the end of the...uh...morning. I had a boyfriend years ago in Toronto who spent his rather considerable intellect and creativity with a know, I was going to link to the group's webpage, but I find it rather sad that it even continues. It's absurd in a way that should not be celebrated. Anyway, another way that this man wasted his intellect was in a data entry job. He would listen to books on tape, and type essentially meaningless (to him) information all day.

On reflection, the advantages to a data entry job are can listen to audio books all day (I suggest don't bring your job home with arrive, you work; you leave, you...go on with your life. If you're not a people-person, you don't have to worry about too much interaction. No customer service. You could probably tele-commute now.

Any comments?

The reason I started this post was to share a picture from our last trip...up north to Barkerville, BC, over the Labour Day weekend. One of the bunnies is me (Thanks Laura for the pic!):So cute! Silly, but cute.


Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Don't mess with my Health Care!

Attention Canadians: Please read(all of) this article from the New Yorker on the various issues and permutations of the USA's health insurance system (brought to my attention by the Nag -- thanks!)

And once you've read it, please visit the Health Canada website, and make sure you contact them about not changing our system! Maybe it's simplistic thinking, but any move towards a two-tiered health care system gives me the screaming willies...why would we make any moves away from a system that ensures that the most people possible have access to basic, preventative measures?

Beware the slippery slope!