Saturday, July 02, 2005

Have you ever seen a cowfish?

I have.

It's one of my favourite animals of the deep, right up there with bat rays (check out the Monterey Bay Aquarium where you can actually play with bat rays in a shallow pool -- soft and silky like wet velvet) and seahorses (Do you really need a picture of one?). The local Aquarium had one for awhile, just one, toodling around its tank with the rest of the fishes. It's gone now. I miss it, that boxy little thing.

The absurd thing is that when I was signing up for one of those ubiquitous sites where suddenly your favourite 'free' online game now needs you to create a username & membership...and I was filling in all sorts of meaningless information (how many Canadians live annonymously online as Californians in Beverly Hills, that zip code the only one we know?)...and the system offered me a few options for a username: the usual loricat12, loricat_125, and a couple of weirdly wonderful random things like "Master_Cowfish"! How could I resist?

So now that my SO is blogging, his friend is blogging, her cat is blogging, the whole damn world is blogging....what better name for my own personal blog than the Master Cowfish.

It's just absurd.


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