Sunday, July 24, 2005

I wanted a Castle Grayskull!

Someone out there either had great foresight to collect TV commercials from the 80s...or else is a major packrat and has a pile of VCR tapes in storage. My sister was the TV junkie, but I definitely remember most of these, especially the talking McDonalds Chicken McNuggets, the Atari Pitfall ad and the rather wacky Rolo commercial.

I was just hitting my teens when the 80s rolled around, but I did want a Castle Grayskull -- even though it was a boy's toy. Amazing how the girl toy/boy toy distinction has changed very little...there are still pastel toys for girls and dark toys for boys -- although, the transformation of the phrase "boy toy" into its new meaning is telling in itself.


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Anonymous said...

Um--actually, the term "boy toy" entered my awareness on a belt buckle worn by a decidedly bi teenie-pop singer who's busy reinventing herself as a strident music-maven Jewish mother.

an SO