Tuesday, July 26, 2005

A little bit of surfing...

A fellow countrywoman I met in Chartres and I still keep in email contact. Not too heavy -- I'm on her email mass-mailing list. "Oh, no!" I can hear you say...but this woman is different: she really only sends the very interesting of websites. No angels, sick kids, virus warnings, nor chain letters from her! Instead, every once in awhile she sends something really cool: like StumbleUpon: a time killing (wasting?) toolbar for your browser.

Today it sent me to a fabulous, interactive Edgar A. Poe site. Hear his poetry read with either a male or female voice, with or without emotion, music, or sound effects. Read "The Tell-Tale Heart" and make your own annotations.

Another site I 'stumbled upon' was the AOLer Translator -- as someone who's relatively new to instant messaging, I actually need this!

?!???!!!! LOL


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