Thursday, August 25, 2005

Dealing with a digital backlog

Check it out! I have created yet another site: this time to showcase the photos that I have been taking with my digital camera. There's even a bit of a blog there, where I will write about things photographic.

Just ask my man -- he's the one that bought me my Minolta DiMage A1. He got tired of watching the piles of photos grow, most of them experimental and useless. I then had the same problem on my computer -- folder upon folder of photos that nobody was ever going to see. And, to top it off, I am always taking pictures at events, and never sending the pictures on to the people. Those are going up as well, at least until all interested parties have had a look.

So, be patient, check this new site every so often, and I'll keep adding more photos.

And what would be a blog entry about photography without a photo? Here's one that is a lovely absurdity: the juxtaposition of Scottish bagpipes at the Richmond Asian Night Canadian can you get?



The Nag said...

He bought you that camera? No wonder you're marrying him! If I marry him, will he buy me one?

Metro said...

Maribel, I've actually got another one, but you'll have to wait until Nicole Kidman decides whether she's sending it back.

Crystal said...

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