Sunday, December 25, 2005

"My tattoo means WHAT?!?"

Just found a new blog...and it is the funniest, most relevant one I've seen to-date (sorry Metro, Nag, Cold Desert, Media Addict, Terminal City chick -- you folks are great, and good friends, but this Tian is a guy who appreciates the absurd!).

Of course, 'relevant' to me means that his blog is
  1. absurd
  2. language-related
  3. something I've often wondered about
What are people thinking when they get a tattoo with Chinese characters?!?

Or even a trendy lower back tattoo (follow the link, watch the video!): "Oh, look at me! A sexy individualist with a tattoo like everyone else!" Definitely one of my pet peeves...How glad am I that the fashion trend when I was young was ultra-tight jeans and leg warmers -- No laser treatment necessary to leave my fashion mistakes behind.

I'm going to go back and read some more on tattooing foolishness!

Merry Christmas (if it is relevant to you!)


1 comment:

a h m a d said...

It is quite interesting, I will enjoy browsing through every single post! By the way, it reminds me of the chinese characters on the back of my laptop! (I hope it is not mirrored. LOL)

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you too. :)