Sunday, January 15, 2006

I just couldn't do it...

I tried to become part of the iPod generation...Metro got a 30GB Video iPod as a Christmas gift from his boss ('s a good company, and not just for the seasonal swag), and promptly gave it to me. [And people wonder why I'm marrying this guy!**]

My buddy, who now works for Apple because of a company buy-out, was thrilled, and sent me some fun links, including "50 Fun Things To Do With Your iPod". Okay. Cool. I've normally rebelled against being like everyone else, and there's something about an iPod that really makes you like everyone else...other iPod users (and muggers) recognize the tell-tale white earbuds...But I was okay with that.

Then, before the novelty could wear off, I realized the battery life was nowhere up to the advertised (and tested) 14+ hours of audio (with no stopping, re-starting, skipping, etc.). I got 5 hours on my test. Hmm.

Was it me? I've got bad luck with portable audio units. So we returned it, and got a gift card with the full balance, 'cause they were out of the iPods, post-Boxing Day sales.

Then I started having second thoughts. "Am I really an iPod person?" I did a bit of research, and heard about the Archos 20GB unit. I'm no techno-geek, but I do like to see inside my stuff a bit. I had been a little uncomfortable with the iPod interface, lack of buttons, and single-functionality. And Apple's "only iTunes" policy.

My little Archos 402 (yup, I bought it) has a few things that make it better suited to me:
  • I can navigate around inside of it (and make playlists on the unit itself, instead of on my computer).
  • It doesn't need any software to connect to any computer. I could connect to any computer, and access files. (Visit my friends and upload all of their music...ooooh...)
  • It charges in a plug...not in a USB port. (Some guy on a discussion board complained about this aspect of the unit, compared to an iPod...but that doesn't make sense. Aren't you usually closer to a plug at any given time than to a USB port?)
  • It comes with all of the wires/connectors you could possibly need (okay, so no car adapter -- big whoop) without having to buy them extra.
  • Lastly, and the most importantly, it just saved me over $ comes with an adapter to plug my digital camera into it and upload photos. I now don't need to buy a bigger memory card for my camera for when Metro and I go on our honeymoon.
Ah...I'm off to play now.


(**No one, by the way, wonders why I'm marrying him. Everyone heartily approves.)

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Anonymous said...

(Visit my friends and upload all of their music...ooooh...)

i love it when people justify not using an ipod (or complain about using an ipod) because Apple makes it harder to steal music.