Monday, April 17, 2006

A Penticton Update

A moment to the beautiful new Penticton Tourist Information Centre. Convenient, free Internet access for the likes of me.

So, here's a quick synopsis of our life so far:
  • Metro is really enjoying his job. His first week was, I believe, more than he had hoped for. He wrote, he edited, he contributed ideas, he bonded with his new co-workers.
  • The rental market is unbelievably tight right now. May is the month that the people who spend their winters in the motels hunt out any apartments. I'm hunting any apartment. It's a little scary how white trash some of the places are that I'm having to consider.
  • The buying market is better -- I'm looking forward to getting into it, probably sooner than I expected, just because of the rental market.
  • We are living in a partial basement suite...not a full kitchen. Comfortable, furnished, convenient enough, and we can stay there until the beginning of June.
  • I'm networking like a mad fool -- found us that basement suite, made connections with some of the festivals in town, got an invite to a Rotary meeting...and applied for a job managing the local Farmer's Market.
  • The cats are fine -- and may even be getting used to the sudden changes in location. Or, at least, the hiding-under-the-bed time is getting shorter.

So, the adventure continues. I'm a little uncomfortable with our living situation in Limbo, but that should clear up soon.

More soon.



Anonymous said...

So nice to see/read/hear you guys are doing fine. Tourism Penticton offers free internet, how progressive!


Sonia said...

Wow I need to rub elbows with you both! You impress me with your rescourcefulness (that word doesnt' look right but I'm tired!). Cool to hear thing are going so great! So how would I reach you if I was to be in Penticton? Will more than likely be there in next couple of days...not best of circumstances but would like to try and fit in a coffee - if possible.

raincoaster said...

Don't forget the little people. And we're expecting posts of small-town hilarity soon, so see what you can dig up. Hillbillies? Cattle rustlers? Library fine scandals? whatever.