Friday, May 05, 2006

You know you've done the right thing when...

Yes, it's all happened fast. Metro and I have married, honeymooned, packed, sold, moved, bought -- essentially begun anew...all in the space of two months.

How do you know you've done the right thing? Yeah, it may seem like it has all come together rather swimmingly, but...

Then Metro's boss sends him a link to an apt article. 'Apt' because he's having a hard time reconciling himself to my acres of books (where are they going to go in the new house?),and this is an article about owning, and moving, books:
"At the end of the day, and despite my own self-recriminations (all this money, all this effort, and to what end?), perhaps a personal library needs no justification. What's the alternative, after all? Outside these book lined walls, there's nothing but confusion. The culture at large has set itself directly against the slow, contemplative rigors and pleasures of reading."

But what is really remarkable is that my husband is now in a profession where people read, write, and discuss ideas.

THAT has been worth all of the stress.



Metro said...

I have less depth than milady wife. My favorite line was:
The self-involved cynicism of a David Spade and the cocky self-righteousness of a Dick Cheney. We're still running out of oil and the ice caps are still melting, carbon in the atmosphere and a moron in the whitehouse.
Still a beautifully written piece.

raincoaster said...

Well I agree with Lori. Although the rest of it sounds good too. Did you hear "At last Spade is attached to something with entertainment value" and they were talking about his relationship with Heather Locklear.