Sunday, June 04, 2006

Garage Sales

What is it about garage sales that warps the human psyche? Why do we suddenly feel the desire to own a used karaoke machine for $20? or a pipe cleaner book with no pipe cleaners for $2?

Metro and I went cruising garage sales today...We were driving around, looking for signs on telephone poles -- and suddenly, there it was: "Garage Sale at ...." OUR NEW ADDRESS!

What does one do in that situation?

Well, we went. I parked half a block away, just in case they recognized our car from the frequent drive-bys we make, and we walked up.

They had absolutely nothing of value on sale. If we'd bonded with them, we may have introduced ourselves...but, no.


What would you folks have done?

Oh, and what was your best garage sale find ever?



Sonia said...

would have done the same...
best garage sale find...define "best"...if I define "best" as an emotional thing - then...two old barn windows for $4 each. One I put mirror behind it and hangs in our entry way the other sits in the garage waiting for me to give it new life...

Lori said...

Ooh...sounds lovely and arty.

Anonymous said...

I think, were it me, I wouldn't have introduced myself. It would feel strange to buy something only to keep it in the place it came from.
I'd have to say my best buy was a couple of Eames era table lamps. They are brass and wood with the wood making a kind of flame shape. They have those cool 2 tier fibreglass shades.
Of course, the wife thinks they are old and ugly and insisted we get new shades since I refused to get rid of them.


Lori said...

But are they Eames' designs? or just Eames' era? And does an ugly item have more value if it is a designer ugly item, or is it just ugly?

raincoaster said...

Of course I'd have gone. And made a catty blog post later about how tacky their stuff was.

Best buy: A Civil War Maclellan army saddle (Union, not confederate) for fifteen bucks. They had no idea what it was.