Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Good gift ideas

What is the definition of a good gift? I've always thought it was something that showed the giver's insight into the recipient's mind, by surprising that person with something they would have bought for themselves, if they'd thought of it, or had the extra cash.

Metro and I have recently been the recipients of a lot of presents, having just gotten married, and I'm finally in a position to write our 'thank yous' -- my computer is out of storage, and my wedding gift list is on it, in digital form only.

Great gifts...Euros for a Paris honeymoon. Cash for a couple facing the upheaval of a move. The useful odds'n'sods of a domestic life. We'll finally be thanking people for those things.

Here's a great idea: My realtors in Vancouver gifted Metro and I with the news that they'd hired someone to clean the apartment once we'd moved. I'd never felt so...relieved!

And another great idea, which we just finished appreciating: a basket filled with ice cream sundae ingredients...and long-handled spoons to get the last bit of deliciousness from the bottom of lovely blue ceramic parfait cups.

Thank you.



Tom D said...

Here is an idea I used few months ago for my one year anniversary gift.

Look at, they sell fresh cut flower cake arrangements that look like real cakes (non edible). They shipped it FedEx to LA California. The presentation of the cake and the card was unbelievable. I never seen a flower arrangement like this one.


Lori said...