Thursday, July 27, 2006

On the bandwagon...

Okay, I've joined the craze...

Blame Metro. Hell, I might even *gasp!* pay to have the service once my trial period is up. It is cool to know where people are from when they arrive at your blog.

Since last night, 10 visitors from 4 countries. It's like call display for your blog -- now you know who's called, and you can be pissed off that they didn't leave a message!

Just kidding.



Metro said...

Something odd going on with the counter. It's pushing everything into the one column, so that the article side of the page appears blank unless you scroll down.

a h m a d said...

You see the Lebanese flag with 1 near it? Yes, that's me. :P

I personally use tracksy for my blog. It let's me know how each visitor found my blog (whether it is by searching for certain term or by clicking a link to my blog from another website, etc.), how many pages did he/she view, which pages, which country, etc.

I find this amusing, especially during war times. :)

Lori said...

Metro -- you're right. But it's happening in Internet Explorer, not Firefox.

I'll work on it.

ahmad -- yes. I saw your flag! Did you, by the way, see that I left my email address for you after you commented on my other blog?

loricat at gmail dot com

a h m a d said...

Oh yes, I saw that comment and I added you to my address book. Sorry I didn't comment anything after that. :)