Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Enough of that!

Well, just to update the situation...

I went in this morning and was pretty much snubbed by her, the woman in Receiving, and the woman who comes in early every day to deal with the Aisles. And I was told, "Well, I'll find something for you to do, 'cause I have to get my work done."

Honey, your precious work is deadly dull, your attitude sucks, and your training skills leave everything to be desired. I did some stuff for an hour, and when I finished that, went to find her. Nothing. I quietly made puppies for a bit, realized naught was going to happen, so talked to the GM. I suggested that I go into the copy centre for a bit, to become a bit familiar with that, until they could throw me on cash for the rest of my shift.

I was chatting later with him and one of the other managers, and found out that a couple of people already working there had shown interest in the job.

Ah! Now I understand! I'm betting the woman who works in Aisles, who is not an unfriendly person in the least, must have been feeling passed over...I'm sure she's interested. And she'd be ideally suited for it. (No excuse for the other cow though.)

Okay! Good.

Now I can get back to part-time until something better comes along, and you won't have me blogging about this silly job anymore.



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