Thursday, August 17, 2006

How do you lace your shoes?

Uh...the normal way?

In kindergarten, I was taught by some silly intern to tie my shoes differently from everyone else (I've only ever met one other person afflicted like me...). I make two bows, and tie them together. My Dad teased me about it all the time ("You tie your shoes like Joe Sausage!") (No, I never did find out who Mr. Sausage was...)

But lacing many ways can you do it?

How about 31?

For some much-needed education on laces, check out Ian's Shoelace Site.

What other prosaic elements of my life have their own fanatical devotees?



PJ said...

I'm a twin, and while my mother taught my sister how to tie shoes the normal way, my father taught me -- the two-bows-knotted way. You're the first person I've met who ties shoes the way I do. I've tried to learn the proper way, but I think the shoelace-tying brain cells get programmed at age 4 and can't be reset.

Lori said...

That is funny!

But, we're both lying. The person who taught us this screwed up way is also someone we've met...for you it's your dad! (I don't remember who taught me...some teen helping in the class?)

Lydia said...

pj, I think you are right about the 4 year mark! Just imagine what velcro has wrought. My question is - how do you tie a bow on a parcel or gift? My next door neighbours (husband and wife, wife's sister) taught me and I can still remember like it was yesterday! The sister is still alive so I phoned her last month and reminded her. She was very surprised to say the least! (unlike this post!)