Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Minimum wage and the service industry

What on Earth was I thinking?!?

Being surrounded by stationery products ("O Paper, O Pens/How do I love Thee?/Let me count the ways") and people does not in any way balance out a minimum wage repetitive job.

Who was I trying to fool?

I'll help them through the back to school rush, then I'm outta there.


[On topics less absurd, I've blogged twice today at my Book Nook...]



a h m a d said...

I also hate repetitive jobs. I discovered after the first year of working that I need a challenging job to stay motivated.

Lori said...

No kidding!!

Ah well. I mistakenly thought "easy" would mean "interesting".

Metro said...

The job would be better if she hadn't already spent most of her paycheque on stationery etc.