Thursday, August 03, 2006

When pop culture meets absurdity

[Spoiler: Not a Lebanon-related blog posting.]

Wandered over to raincoaster today, and she's all in a dither because she's involved in the most incredibly civilised flame war in the history of the Internet (more like a hot flash war?).

But she's also linked to the fabulousness of the absurd Flying Pastafarian Monster flame war. Seriously, go read this. The flamer is a man so stupid and narrow-minded, his picture is in the dictionary.

I knew I had to blog on it, when part-way down the page was a couple of commentors have a few moments of ludicrous silliness that made me blow milk out my nose:

To quote:

One fake "Casey Powell" says:

Don't make me go all Peter Venkman on you bible-hater!

The next says:
I've studied 50 religions, I have interviewed doctors, lawyers, biophysicists, I even spoke to jews. And all of them agree, wholeheartedly, that Baked Lays Sour Cream and Onion chips are fucking delicious.
What is the lesson here?

"It is better to be silent and thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt." (Mark Twain)

And there is nothing more powerful than the Enter key to identify fools.



raincoaster said...

"Enter" at risk, baby!

The thing about the BoJo War is that it could burn my bridges with someone I consider an equal or better. I don't mind stomping gnats, which I consider most people to be, but flamewars are contextual.

When Trudeau said "Fuddle duddle", or when he said "Watch me" he was engaging in a flamewar, because it was Parliament, not alt.startrek. I've been in the rough and tumble, and it doesn't bother me for a moment; I consider it recreational.

Why? Because those people, frankly, are inferior and it is high time someone acquainted them with the fact.

For the BoJo war, imagine you were meeting an MP who'd been an award-winning practitioner in your field, someone you'd admired and respected both as a professional and as a human being.

Then imagine going over to his house and telling him to his face that you'd assumed he didn't have the balls to engage and now you think he doesn't have the brains.

Context is everything in the Age of Einstein

Lori said...

Oh, I do understand the context, and I really think, except for that one line ("Enter" at risk, indeed!), you have laid out calm, reasoned arguments.

And, as a politician with a blog, he has already established himself as outspoken...then he writes such a lukewarm post on world events that are inflaming people around the world. He deserved the flack he's getting from all of his readers.

And anyway...even award-winning practitioners in your field still put their pants on one leg at a time and make odd sounds when they sleep. Or, in the immortal words of Willie the Welder, the boyfriend that gave my family the willies, "His shit stinks too."

This too shall pass. (probably)

raincoaster said...

Well I've met Willy, and his really DOES, you know. He was just being honest.

Metro said...

Um--are Baked Lays Sour Cream and Onion chips actually kosher?

I mean, a mistake of fact like that could throw the credibility of one's comment section into doubt.

Then any moral blogger would, in the interests of truth and civil discourse, surely have to take the posts down and stop the flame war.

... (Mmmmph!)

(Unable to suppress any longer) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, this is Jim Brumann speaking. I work personally with this guy who is claiming the name, "Casey Powell." if. He's a fraud. His real name is Robert Patrick. He's even been lying about his name. He is hardly what you would call a Christian too, he's basically a lying drunk who has nothing better to do with his time except write stupid notes like that. His e-mail is Send him as much junk as you want.

Jim Brumann ;)

Anonymous said...

The cat is out of the bag......the facade is over.

Jim Brumann

Lori said...

Okay Jim...I went to see this blog where the JesusMarine supposedly "proves" that he didn't write that obnoxious first rampage. I see no cats out of the bag, no 'coming clean'.

Again, to all you people narrow-minded enough to ... what? be so stupid? See this as a lesson -- you can post hate or utter stupidity, but you'll never live it down.