Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where's the absurd in my life?

I've got none!

Metro has found some in his comments, here and here. Read for entertainment value. One guy probably surfs all day for the uses of the word 'r a p t u r e' on the Internet, then hobbles right over to leave a weird comment. (Note the judicious use of spaces, I'm hoping to avoid him.)

I had my second shift at Staples yesterday, another today. I'm a little worried that it's going to bore me sooner than expected. Good thing I only want 2 shifts a week. I've already pretty much nailed the register -- complicated, but just fine.

School is coming, and a woman came in yesterday, 2 kids in tow, and spent $299 on school supplies. Okay, a couple of backpacks were in there, but the rest was pens, pencils, notebooks, erasers, paper, binders...Insane.

The mundane lives on over here, while the absurdity in the world takes the form of dropping bombs, still, in the Middle East.

Ahmad, on the other hand, is keeping his chin up, and enticing his readers with pictures of beautiful women, and rather pointed jokes. Plus he's sending me songs by Natacha Atlas -- not only are they great, but check out the cover of her 'Best of' album, and try to tell me she's only appreciated for her musical talent:

And this weekend is the long-awaited (dreaded?) 20 year high school reunion for yours truly. I'll tell you how that goes when I survive it.



a h m a d said...

Hmmmm, so that's what Natasha Atlas looks like. I see. I see.

Sonia said...

See you there

Lori said...

Sonia -- save me a seat!!

Ahmad...yeah, she's hot.

raincoaster said...

I dunno, she looks like she's in pain.

a h m a d said...

She is in pain because she is not marketing her albums well. I decided to help her out. :P

Sonia said...

Okay it's Sunday nt...where are the reunion notes?