Friday, September 01, 2006

Are you interested?

I just spent a month, writing 100 words every day. It's like a snapshot of my life...the vaguely interesting minutae. Read it if you're bored...and imagine the apostrophes (for some reason, they didn't show up...sort of like it was created for Andy Rooney, who refuses to use them -- just google "Andy Rooney apostrophes" to read the furor):

Loricat's 100 Words

Reminds me of a boyfriend I had once who thought it would be a good idea to write a daily 10 word diary. Ten words. If it was a slow day, he could write: "Ate dinner at home again. Mom cooked my favourite pasta." (He lived with his parents.) If it were a more, oh, I don't know, momentous day, he'd have to be awfully choosy: "zombie comic thai food Tarantino blood gore Gregorian chant sex" and hope that years later it would all make sense. On super-special days, he allowed himself an extra word -- but only twice a year!

Will I do this months' 100 Words? I have to decide today... 'cause ya gotta commit to the whole month.

I'll let you know. Anyone else with me?



Lori said...

I'm not doing it this month. Too much to do to try to remember to write something pithy daily.

Ah well.

raincoaster said...

Uh, isn't 100 words per day what the rest of us call "blogging?"

Seriously, why duplicate the effort? A friend of mine had a blog called Just One Thing, and that's what it was; just one thing every day. Sometimes it was a story, sometimes it was a link, sometimes it was just "what's my life come to that I don't even have time to post ONE THING?"