Thursday, September 07, 2006

'dere ain't nuting more absurd dan dis'

I forced my man to watch Hudson Hawk tonight, for the umpteenth time. Poor guy.

I have a confession to make...

I like bad movies. Ridiculous, over-the-top, silly-fun movies. Spoofs and silliness. Tongue-in-cheek wacky and 'way-too-serious-for-our-own-good' absurd. But there's a fine line between a brilliantly stinky fromage and a bad-bad-stinky-bad film.

I'm not going to defend my bad movie collection (Can you name 4 extra silly movies with Kurt Russell? I have them all!), or the somewhat sketchy merits of Hudson Hawk, but I will recommend reading the Agony Booth's take on the film -- very funny, if unforgiving.

Any guilty pleasures out there anyone would like to confess to?



Metro said...

You forgot "Bulletproof Monk".


I prefer more ethereal fare, "The Powerpuff Girls: the Movie" is a good start.

Lori said...

Amusing trash, but I will say this one more time, I do not feel strongly about that movie at all. For some reason you think that I hold a place in my esteem for that forgetable film. I don't.

raincoaster said...


This movie is the secret love of every screenwriter in Hollywood. There is just nothing like cuddling up with a pizza and your favorite intoxicating substance and watching James Franciscus and his fabulous teeth play a dinosaur-herding cowboy.