Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Glacial Slowness

In July, I applied for a government job. "Why on Earth?!?" I hear you ask...well, the job description (such as it was) listed all of the skills that I want to be using, and it, needless to say, didn't start at $8.50/hour!

Well, I applied online, and the site told me that a 'decision' would be made August 31st. Whew. A long time to wait. So, when the end of August rolled around, I looked back at the application seemed to have been passed on to a human! (O Joy! O Bliss!)

A couple of weeks later, I got a tersely-worded email telling me to go to another town to take a couple of tests (the General Competency Test Level 2, and a knowledge test). [Wanna try the GCT2? Here's the sample test.]

Yesterday, I received my results from the GCT2...a definitive pass! Yeah. It had to be sent to Prince George to be marked, and it took almost another 2 weeks. It only had to be fed through a computer! Now I have to wait for the marking of the knowledge test, with its handwritten essay answers. That should take what? Another month?

Then, assuming I didn't screw up on that one, I will be entitled to an in-person interview.

Anyone out there with any experience on working for your government? Who knows, I may need some tips!



Giancarlo said...
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PJ said...

Gee whiz, I got sucked down into the vortex of that online sample test... "If Delegate B speaks only Chinese and Russian, and Delegate C isn't speaking to her husband, how many pieces of pie will the delegates each consume during an overly-long U.N. session?" ...45 minutes later, my final score was 87%, not bad for someone who's innumerate.

raincoaster said...

Stimulants. Either stimulants or develop a way to nap at your desk without putting your head down.

Lori said...

PJ, I thought you were trying to be a good girl and getting your marketing calls done today!

raincoaster -- you're a bad influence, bug me when you have actual stimulants to give me!

Anonymous said...

Oh about the interview...
I dont mind helping out. Email me on if you want.

Sam B said...

Hello Everyone,

I have a GCT2 test on 11 december 2006 and was wondering if anyone can please help me more on that, if possible, because I have been unable to find any substantial matter to study online. Any help in this regard will be appreciated.