Monday, September 11, 2006

I like surprises...

A couple of weeks ago, we picked up a VHS copy of Looney Tunes: Back in Action. I'm a Bugs Bunny fan, so when a supposedly awful movie has Bugs in it, and it's available for $3 at Liquidation World, well, I'll pick that sucker up.

Last night, we watched it. Guess what? It was good. Amusing. Silly. It really helps to expect nothing, but this was easy to enjoy. Fun cast, crazy slapstick, quasi-adult story...Ah! That's the problem it had in the theatres -- parents expecting kid-fare. Adults avoiding it because they expect it to be kid-fare.

No. It ain't Oscar material, it ain't anywhere near cult-movie status...but it was fun.

And the current meme the last two days (after watching Phil the Alien tonight, adding its madness to Looney Tunes), is aliens in glass bell jars. Watch for it.


a h m a d said...

I like Bugs Bunny, he is very cool. I mean this guy err... rabbit, never gets angry. (At least I don't remember him getting angry except on very rare occasions.) Personally, I can learn that calm and cold mood from him and his "What's up duck?!" :)

I also miss Pink Panther... :)

Lori said...

Ah, the Pink Panther! Yeah, he was great.

What I love about Bugs is that he uses humour & his wits to get out of bad situations...and you're right, he's usually so positive!

raincoaster said...

C'mon! Bugs was a million times smarter than the pink panther!!!