Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The 80s

On the weekend, Metro and I picked up a $6.99 copy of Flashdance. Good ol' 1983. Irene Cara and that fabulous song.

Did it stand the test of time? Uh...yes and no. It's still a pretty good sports film that made me wish it had some better production value and spent more time on the secondary characters. But, OMG, the plot of the romance was a little disturbing.

She's 18, and works days as a welder, nights as an exotic dancer (ie. she keeps her clothes on, but dances hot). He's her 30-something boss, who doesn't know her from Adam, but sees her dancing one night at the club, finds out she's his employee, and starts essentially stalking and harassing her at work. Ew. Once you get past that creepiness, the romance is fine and sexy (classic restaurant scene of her eating lobster...).

I must admit, I have in my collection a number of 80s flicks. And that wonderful homage to the 80s, The Wedding Singer. Adam Sandler is hit or miss, but this one was a hit. We watched that one again last week. Sandler is a little heavy handed with the when the roommate throws the Rubiks Cube aside, saying "No one will ever solve this!" -- it's a little much.

Ever solve the Rubiks Cube? Here's the solution.

Have fun. And just say NO to legwarmers and headbands...



Metro said...

Big hair, tight jeans, and leopard-print bikini underwear, hell yeah!

Unfortunately many of the women who dressed that way ... still do.

So do some of the guys, come to think of it.

raincoaster said...

I still think Lillian VanderZalm and Gillian Whatsername the prisoner-banger should run as a political dream team. Lillian and Gillian; their logo could be a pair of Chanel shades on a pink headband with crispy bangs teased over it!

Lori said...

And let that be a warning to you all!


amanda said...

Flashdance, one of sexual harassment's finer moments.

It might have less exotic dancing and water spraying, but I was (and am) partial to Pretty in Pink. I so wanted to be like Molly Ringwald and win one for the weirdos.

Oh, and Say Anything: "I gave her my heart and she gave me a...pen." Gets me everytime. Although, that was 1989, so it might be pushing it to call it an '80s flick.

Lori said...

Oh, Say Anything is still an 80s flick...

John Cusack -- truly an 80s icon, who has luckily made the transition.

Everyone, your favourite Cusack film?

Grosse Pointe Blank is a good one -- graduated 1986 from high school...his tribute to the 80s.

Not a legwarmer in sight.

raincoaster said...

Grosse Point Blank, bar none. "Thanks for the pen!"

But then, I've never seen Say Anything. I'll watch anything Cusack is in, though. Right now he's in Eastern Europe filming another movie in which he plays a hit man. Is this typecasting? All I know is I'd watch it.

I heard Must Love Dogs sucked donkeys, which is weird because both Diane Lane and John Cusack are awesome actors, and very likeable too. How was he in Serendipity? Isn't that the one he did with Kate Beckinsale?

Lori said...

I hesitate to watch Cusack in romantic comedies...Serendipity, which I'm sure I watched, was forgetable. Romantic comedies with weird angles, we found a copy of Hot Pursuit which is classic early Cusack...romantic, but wonderfully weird.