Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Make Mommy Proud!

A group of pictures online -- Sons That Make Their Parents Proud is really just both senses of the word.

Why would anyone want a boy, knowing what they are like?

And why don't little girls have this get-in-trouble gene??

[More funny/scary pictures online at the link above.]



Metro said...
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Metro said...

Hey--isn't that fourth picture me?

Also--isn't the fifteenth picture on the page itself a promo shot of the kids from Harry Potter?

What next: Harry Potter and Congressman Foley?

It certainly gives a whole new meaning to the term "magic fingers".

And at the bottom of the page--who takes their pre-teen kids to "Hooters" for a birthday party anyway?

Lori said...

Yup, it's the HP kids...Brats!

PJ said...

Mothers I've talked to say there's a world of difference between sons and daughters, especially preteen. Like two different species. :-)