Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Cat's Pyjamas

Was browsing through the flyers in this morning's newspaper...

I don't know what's worse...that people come up with these products, or that an audience -- and buying public -- exist.

Pet vests (and coats and boots, and...) I've seen -- but pyjamas?!?!

Then there are the advertising claims that ad execs think will work...I don't know if you can read the small print in the middle:

...but it says "Tested on 10 women in a wind-tunnel at -8, 1 hour."

Sounds like a movie title.

Silly people.



PJ said...

That poor little pooch's expression just cracks me up: "Just kill me now."

PJ said...

That "tested in a wind tunnel"? It's even worse -- it actually says "in a win-tunnel". What's a win-tunnel?

Lori said...

a 'win-tunnel'? I didn't even notice that...I was so wrapped up in the image of these 8 beauty queens in full makeup & teased hair, leaning into the wind, tottering on their stilettos...

More importantly, what's a lose-tunnel?

raincoaster said...

That would be any place Kevin Federline's left his seed.

Metro said...

I'm just wondering: Who's more aerodynamic--Mary-Kate Olsen or Queen Latifah?

Logically QL should get better airflow, she doesn't have all those sharp angles sticking out everywhere.

But there's something to be said for having a negligible wind resistance profile too.