Sunday, December 17, 2006

A gadget to end all gadgets...

The Giant, the Swiss Army knife to beat them all, or as this columnist for the Guardian points out:
Grotesque, if superbly engineered, the Giant weighs nearly a kilogram and features 85 devices in all. Unload this mother into the plastic tray as you walk through security at Heathrow and just see what happens.
But is it absurd? If they expect people to actually walk around with one in their pockets, yes. This is a collector's piece, at Cnd$1,119.64...
The Giant is a real product, available for the very real price of £495, but it is aimed at completists and collectors. One gadget website correspondent has balefully written, "I envision this monstrosity being presented as a rare 'salesman's sample' on 2310's version of The Antiques Roadshow." [the company] admit that its practicality is limited, and that its purpose is partly to promote the company .
And no, I don't want one. I like my Swiss Army knife. Mom got it for me in Switzerland, and the corkscrew works just fine.



PJ said...

LMAO! I'll stick with my retractable Olfa knife, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Now I know what to ask Santa for.


Lori said...

I don't think Santa can afford it!