Wednesday, December 27, 2006

New Favourite Web-Toy

So, I've mentioned BzzAgent before. Essentially, as a member, I get the inside scoop on some new thing, and then I tell people about it..if it's something I feel is worth talking about. So, I wrote about AOL radio a few posts ago, and many of you gave me your opinion on that!

Now I've got the skinny on a new on-line community...Gusto. In a way, this is what I've been waiting for -- a community that I feel I can connect with people.

This is the problem I've had with the Internet over the years. I have a Bugs Bunny fixation. I am a bibliophile. I'm a SF geek, and can expound on Babylon 5 or Buckaroo Banzai for hours.

But, I'm a proponent of the Groucho Marx view of the know the one, where he says:
"I refuse to join any club that would have me as a member. "
I don't want to hang out with other Bugs or Bab5 fans.

But people who travel...that I can do. is a community for travelers (real or hopeful!). It is a rich idea, and has fabulous potential: members post reviews of places they've been, add pictures, write blog posts about travel, read each other's stuff, plan vacations, and in the end, enrich each others' experiences.

Theoretically. At the moment, it's very new. It needs lots of people to get involved, to write a lot of reviews, to rate a lot of places, to add more and more attractions...For example, there's absolutely nothing in the Korea section, except some hotels. Soon, I'll get in there like a dirty dog, and dig out my Korea pics & mementos, and I'll add attractions (scanning & adding pictures too), because this is the kind of community where I can settle in and relax, and I want to see it succeed.

Here's my profile. Check it out and let me know what you think...but preferably, join up and start adding your own content to make my new community better.

Damn. Too bad I ain't getting paid for this.


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Lori said...

If anyone is interested in signing up, use this link, 'cause it gets you more photo storage space on the site.