Monday, December 04, 2006

Tag, you're it!

As Raincoaster explains it:
The chain lett- I mean "“meme" is this: List six things about yourself that are weird (then tag six more people).
My weirdnesses are pretty mundane.

I mean, I truly enjoy doing the dishes. By hand. I detest dishwashers. I like the pile of dirty dishes, the transition through hot, sudsy water, and the clean on the other side.

The summer after I graduated from university, I joined a traveling carnival. Drove one of the trucks, took care of the ponies, managed the mooches (kids hired at a town to help out, paid in popcorn and rides.) Met Willie the Welder and had a torrid affair. The show was owned by a retired freak show attraction (no lie, the Fat Man), and managed by a long-time carnie with a predilection for little boys.

Left the show when I got stranded for a week in Ucluelet with the ponies. This did not go over well with the show's owner...maybe it had something to do with the cops that met them when they rolled into town again? None of the trucks had valid was off a station wagon in Fernie.

It's a long story.

I collect. I don't think this is particularly weird, just something about me. As a good friend of mine once told me, "Four of anything is a collection."

I don't collect obsessively (like, anything). I limit myself to Bugs Bunny paraphenalia, teapots (and tea), and some certain authors, or genres. (Not first editions. I'm too cheap.) Movies.

Which brings me to...

I have an absolute passion for over-the-top, creative action sequences. Action films that pair cool music with absolute violence. And bad-bad-brilliant-bad movies. (Not bad-bad-stinky-bad movies...Metro believes that I have a soft place in my heart for the Bulletproof Monk. No. Fabulous potential -- Chow Young Fat, hip music, modern action...but it did not satisfy. It was lame in many fundamental ways.)

Give me my cinematographic fromage and I will be a happy woman.

I'm finding this difficult, 'cause what other people might find strange about me are just my day-to-day realities.

Speaking of day-to-day realities, my hubby pointed out to me that many might find it odd that I can reduce all life lessons to episodes of Babylon 5, or Miles Vorkosigan's adages.

I'm also prone to quoting Buckaroo Banzai...but that just makes me a geek.

I'm drawn to really difficult people. I could list 'em, but then I don't know who reads my blog. (If you think you might be on my list, you're probably not...'difficult' people don't usually see themselves that way.) I just have found over the years that I get along with people that others wouldn't touch with a ten-foot pole (or since it's the Christmas season, a 49-and-1/2-foot-pole!) I've befriended them. Been an intermediary for them. Dated them. Came to my senses and quietly dropped them...


I'll tag...the Nag, Creatrix, Mr. Mad Haiku (looking forward to it in haiku form), & 30-something. Metro's already been tagged, and I'm not sure if Cold Desert is still blogging (he's wrapped up in the real world, I believe). And regular readers who are blog-less -- feel free to share with us in the comments ('cause I know you want to!).



PJ said...

Okay, I listed, but I don't know any bloggers apart from the ones you've all tagged! :-)

raincoaster said...

I am too difficult! How dare you insinuate that I'm not.

#2 was quite interesting. Sounds like novel fodder to me!

mad said...

OK, I listed too, but to be honest I'm lazy and surly. I agree with raincoaster about #2. I love stories about carnies and freak shows!

Lori said...

PJ, how come you've never offered to recite Jabberwocky to me? Huh?

RC, yes, dear. You are difficult.

Mad, I think you did a wonderful job. (everyone, go and read it, very funny)

And I hear you about the carnie stories -- but I'm just not a writer in the stories/fiction sense.