Saturday, January 13, 2007


Just had a lunch time run-in with Metro...when I placed a bowl of Habitant pea soup (that's an link, if you can believe it!) and a plate of hot baking powder biscuits in front of him, his response was: "Did you just make these?" I smiled, and said "yes." Something in my smile made him not believe me! "No, you just heated them up, right? Right?"

No, Metro, I made the damn biscuits while the soup was heating, while you were mucking about on the computer!

Anyway, I wasn't going to blog about that, until I StumbledUpon Dominic Wilcox' Honesty Stamps.

Love, you might want to get one, for future use.



Lydia said...

Every part of this post "hits home" with me. (Odd expression - must be a baseball reference.) Habitant pea soup is the only canned soup I would willingly eat. I see the can has gotten smaller, as a kid I would never have had it in that case. We used two of the big boys as it was. Love baking powder biscuits and your recipe is fairly standard but a 1/2 hour prep. time to drop! Pat and using your soup can (or a nice heart shaped cutter in your case (grin))cut dough, repat scraps until nothing remains. This way they split nicely in the middle too. I must also have "something in my smile" at times since I elicit the same response. I've been told I have a "guilty" look!!! I think (with V-Day and Anniv. coming up) it's time to give Metro his get out of shit cards. Minus one, natch.

Lori said...

Actually, that's not the recipe I use...I use my Better Homes & Gardens cookbook -- slightly different (simpler).

But yeah. The 'split nicely in the middle' is a very important feature.

azahar said...

Shall direct Nog here to check out the stamp ... well done!

noggin said...

For him: The double set "But I've changed" and "It's not my fault".

For her: "I swear on my mother's grave I'll never do that again."

Lori said...

How 'bout:

"I promise I'll get around to it!"