Monday, January 29, 2007

A Positive Monday

Last week was a bit of an emotional rollercoaster (sorry, Metro), with money worries, cat to the vet (different one this time), other cat still peeing in corners (must be behavioural now), planning to go to Vancouver for a quick visit (fraught with a dentist appointment, but also a chance to see friends), hearing from the Children's Festival (one day I had the consolation prize job, the next, they apologized and offered the 2nd-in-command job to me)...and so on.

You know those weeks.

So, this Monday morning, I thought I'd start the week off right, with a bit of positive thinking. Without further ado, cribbed straight from Az's post, "a few favorite things", here are some of my favourite things:
  • the first sip of beer going down a parched throat (esp. in summer)
  • reading in bed in the morning, with cats, and my husband brings me a coffee
  • leisure time, and a good book to enjoy it with
  • crossing items off a To Do list
  • washing dishes
  • a really good sandwich
  • saucy stuff on rice
  • coffee with a friend (PJ, call me today if you've got time!!)
  • Flow
  • dark chocolate
  • sunny, early spring days
  • really deep backrubs
  • roadtrips
Anything to add, folks? I know I could go on.



azahar said...

Re: the cat peeing thing. Have you considered keeping her in a separate room with her own litter box for a couple of weeks? I suggest this because I inadvertently had to keep my cat Azar separate for awhile when he first came to live with me (he was a rescue cat). It was either that or toss him back out in the street. And after about 3-4 weeks he had learned to pee in the box and only there. Okay, it was a bit complicated because I think he also had a urinary tract blockage and then he was castrated (at the time I had really bad vet service) but keeping Azar away from the other cats and in a room where he wouldn't pee in corners was also part of the 'treatment'. So if you have an extra room that you could make comfy for your cat you might try it out.

Lori said...

Well, the drugs she's on seem to be working. We'll see how it goes.