Thursday, January 04, 2007

Serial Diners achieve Boing Boing 'fame'

Years ago, (early 90s) I dated the founder of the Serial Diners...and went to a number of Friday at 6 p.m. restaurants -- right on schedule. (Hi folks! I've been lurking on your website on-and-off for years! How're you doing? Drop me a comment if you come by...)

Now, after they've been going strong for what? 20 years?... they get noticed in Boing Boing. You're a little late, guys. These intrepid diners suffered through the Bistro Year, and the Cafe Year -- where was their fame then?

Now, as they prepare to start their 2007 Season with the Ichi & Sushi Shoooow!, these people are going to be mighty healthy eating nothing but fish and rice for the next two months.

Ah, the memories...One night, after discovering that our spot was actually closed (foreclosed, I think!), we went around the corner and "Filled up at Harveys" (read the rules) at this wonderful Italian place. I had the most luscious meal of my young life there -- a cuttlefish pasta, with both the sauce and the pasta made from cuttlefish ink. Yum.



PJ said...

I thought of you when I read that, since you'd mentioned it to me. Such a unique idea.

Charles Levi said...

Lori! Good to see you are up and functioning still. I hadn't even heard of Boing-Boing until the Diners got listed there, so it seems that it was us who discovered Boing-Boing and not vice-versa. So, I question your use of the term "fame". What is so famous about being listed on a site you have never heard of? Compared to -- say -- being covered in the Wall Street Journal (you can look it up, December 14, 1998).

In any case, glad you remember us. We still remember you.

- Charles

Lori said...

Yeah! Charles! Good to hear from you man.

Being in the Wall Street Journal may be the ultimate in print media, but being noticed by Boing Boing is the height of Internet cool.

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