Sunday, February 25, 2007

Five Inventions I'd Really Like to See

I thought I'd enter endtech's contest from this blog (as well as from the Book Nook).

So, for my list, the wonderful things that we see on TV or in movies that I would really like to be real:

Number 1, The Barbie Suitcase -- you know the one. I was watching My Fair Lady (again!) the other day, and off goes Eliza in a huff, with one itty-bitty little suitcase. A couple of scenes later, the housekeeper, Mrs. Pierce, tells the Professor that Eliza's taken all of her clothes!

Number 2, The Portable Hole
The Warner Brothers/Looney Tunes portable hole, a must have for, well, everyone. Hide a multitude of sins, don't worry about losing your house keys...

Number 3, The Transporter
Need I say more? But it wouldn't be "beam me up", I would be getting beamed over to Paris for an afternoon at the Louvre!

Number 4, Rosie, the Jetson's maid
Again. Does anything need to be said here?

Number 5, Viable Space Travel
Wouldn't it be cool to have the options? Tired of backpacking around Europe?!? Why not head out to the outflung Earth colonies, or visit an alien world?

What would you add to the list?



azahar said...

The Barbie Suitcase phenomenon has always confuddled me. As well as those humongous suitcases in films that seemingly weigh less than a bag of donuts.

Rosie the maid would cover most of the inventions I'd like to see, such as self-cleaning floors, dishes, bathrooms, etc, but another one I could really go for would be non-calorie food.

Lori said...

But, with non-calorie food, you'd die! We can't have that! :-)

azahar said...

It would be optional (where's that roll-eyes smiley?).

raincoaster said...

I think the Barbie suitcase is made by the same company as Mary Poppins' carpetbag. I agree, they'd come in handy. Also, I wish they made bookcases and purses.

Lydia said...

I match you on #4 - Go Rosie! The only one left over from childhood - click your heels transporter. I guess that's your #3. Built in teleprompters for Alzheimer sufferers. Instant fermentation! A few things from "I Dream of Jeanie" (sp?) starting with her midriff!

Lori said...

Well, you know. I'm a literal kind'a gal...

I would so totally buy you a Mary Poppins bookcase!

Instant fermentation? Cool. :p

PJ said...

A real, working Holodeck. So I could take a coffee break (I work at home) and wander through a forest glade without worrying about bears. (It would have a G-rating, otherwise hubby and I would fight over it and never get any work done and starve to death.)

Lori said...

A holodeck would be cool. And like you, I'd use it to have a cozy place to read most of the time. No Shakespeare re-enactments.

Ah well.

alejna said...

Ah yes, the suitcase. And here folks have been wasting time working on inventing clothes that take up less space to pack, when clearly their focus is misguided!

Great list! I love it.

Lori said...

Alejna -- I agree. Too much research in the wrong direction!