Thursday, February 15, 2007

Off the wagon!

Damn you, Creatrix! I'd gone days, ages, without posting about cats...and look what you did!

[not that I mind, really!]

So, found in my email inbox, from my dear friend Creatrix, is Nora:

She ain't half bad. Although, as the first commenter could not resist stating: "Her Bach is worse than her bite."



azahar said...

Awww...that is so adorable. Though I did wonder if maybe they had sprinkled catnip between the keys as Nora kept rubbing her face against them.

Lori said...

I've also noted that my husband posted the same video..."Great minds think alike" and all? Or maybe he's just starting to like cats.

Metro said...

I've always liked cats! And now with all the convenient microwaveable sauces I like them even more.

I do wonder where Creatrix acquired this ... I hear rumours she slums it down at my end of the blogosphere sometimes :-)

Sonia said...

This just tempts me to train my cat to out do this one! Oh ya she's a cat not a dog...shit...she'll do what she pleases! Maybe if I show her the video she won't want to be out done. Hee hee!

PJ said...

Metro, I probably found it on Boing Boing or similar. I notice today it's posted on The Presurfer.