Sunday, April 01, 2007

Today in No Shit Sherlock News...

Has the BBC staff been replaced by Yahoo news writers?

Under the headline: Fairy Fool Sparks Huge Response is this bit of heavy reporting:

Photographs of a mummified fairy supposedly found in Derbyshire have been revealed as an April Fool's prank.
Uh. Yeah, right. I was completely...amused when I saw the story on Raincoaster this morning.

This is not news.



raincoaster said...

Yes, the photographs may be a prank, but there is no evidence the mummified fairy is anything other than a mummified fairy. Perhaps the photos were released by a jealous media, in a misguided attempt to flush out the real discoverer and force him to answer questions.

What else would you expect from Al Beeb but a hearty defence of the Evolutionista agenda? It's a conspiracy, I tell you! Also, the people involved are Muslim, so this is yet another case of mainstream Britain keeping the brown down! OPPRESSION!!!!

michaelpanda said...

hee hee. actually, april fools kind of irritates me these days because every website in existence seems to get it in their head that it will be "funny" to post up a bunch of april fool's articles. the thing is, we all know anything ridiculous posted on april 1st is an april fool's joke (like the gmail paper thing in your last post) and it pushes off the real news and stuff i wanna read about from the front page.

oh man, listen to me! jeesh, when did i turn into such a scrooge mc-party pooper? LOL!

*hangs head in shame*

Lori said...

You're right. It's all a conspiracy. (Aren't you a blond?)
((pats head in calming manner))There, there now...

I hear you. The problem is, most of these articles are not witty, or well-thought-out. The Gmail paper thing was good -- they prepped us a little, 'cause they are sort of silly anyway (have you watched the engineers' video?).

I am definitely NOT a fan of physical pranks. Mean-spirited shite.

PJ said...

I was six sentences in on an article in the Penticton Western yesterday before I realized it was a joke. It was hilarious.

Metro said...

RC a blonde?

Oh come on, is anyone ever gonna fall for that one?

Paul said...

Fairies in Derbyshire ? Who would have known ? :)

Lori said...

Paul, is that sarcasm I hear? (I know it when I hear it from Metro -- he lives with me)

It's all silliness. Anyway, my dear sir, thanks for stopping by.

What was the story?