Friday, July 06, 2007

You'd think...

...that having regular hours in one's life would create more time for things like blogging.

But no.

I apologize for being so distant lately. I'll get more into a rhythm with the new job and write more often soon.




Lydia said...

Are you still doing the Farmers' Market?

raincoaster said...

For god's sake, you work for the government! While everyone else is on their smoke break, take a blog break. Don't worry, you'll get this civil service thing eventually.

Also: let me know if either of you are headed down this way. I've earned myself a small vacation and wouldn't mind making a nuisance of myself chez vous for a bit. Got to be in Vanssterdam for the 28th and 29th, otherwise free as the proverbial birdie.

RennyBA said...

Hi Lori - long time no see. Last time was on our posts about Blogging connecting people in August last year. Since then I've move to a new blog home and your welcome over of course!

Wishing you a lovely Sunday:-)

Lori said...

Good question -- this weekend was the first Saturday I could sleep in in a year! I quit the Market, trained my replacement, and she took over this weekend. Now I can visit as a customer...

well, I can't read your blog from work -- it's restricted. [Thought you might like to know that!] The problem with blogging on breaks is that I want to get the freak away from my computer on a break. Go for a walk. Get out of my cubicle.

as to the idea of coming out -- you're welcome to, but you shoulda said something a couple of days ago. Metro is on Hornby Island right now, and will be coming back to the Mainland on Monday evening or Tuesday morning, driving back here. Logistically tight.

nice to see you here again. Like your most recent post about the mini-golf -- wonderfully absurd!

azahar said...

Howdy stranger! Nice to see you back again. Hope things are going well with the job.

Might try playing scrabble with you on the other place (as soon as I figure out how that gizmo works).