Sunday, October 07, 2007

A good day for Stumbling

My first two StumbleUpon sites of the day were images that need no other commentary (at least for those who think like I do...):




I'm going to keep stumblin', you never know what you'll find!



azahar said...

Soooo stolen! (the fossil one)

Have you started frying the calamari yet?

Or is it still being marinated?

PJ said...

I like the diamond poster. "An overvalued and superficial rock responsible for children's deaths and probably smuggled out in the rectum of a terrified slave."

Lori said...

Two months salary be damned! The diamond industry makes me so mad!

And Az, I would love to cook calamari, but Metro won't eat it, and Raincoaster would be we'll just continue to marinate her. (Did you read their drunken blog off the other day?)

azahar said...

*ahem* ... 'the calamari' was referring to Rain. And I did see Metro's blog-off post.

Sounds like you'e having fun.

Lori said...

az, I realized the calamari was referring to rain, I was just being coy.

Her Squidliness is off to Vernon in half an hour to drink someone else's vodka for a couple of days. She's going to miss my turkey (maybe it's a plan?), but then we had one at friends' last night, so she won't go completely turkey-less.

azahar said...

Coy? You? Oh, that must have been why I didn't catch on.

And I was being silly and teasing, in case that also went amiss...

I'll have to check out Rain's offering in the 'drunken blog off'. Was a winner declared? Or did they just fall asleep and carry on the next day as if nothing had happened?

Dodi said...

I loved the diamond poster as well.

I have a friend who is working under very stressful conditions in the Arab Gulf and to soothe himself, he keeps reminding himself that “diamond is only carbon under extreme pressure.”

(I agree with him; it is good to lie to oneself every now and then.)

But the truth remains that diamond is made from carbon. :P