Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Homophobia Sux"

No kidding. A guy I know was involved in a very nifty little video production in Vancouver -- using Sonny Bono's "Laugh at Me":

It was posted to YouTube a year ago, but hasn't had much viewage -- Unfortunate, that. It's got 22 actors, who wander around 2 blocks on Davie Street,...and one long, glorious take.

I am a huge fan of a well-choreographed long take. (Cf. Notting Hill, The Player, Touch of Evil, etc.)



alejna said...

That was very cool. Quite an impressive long take.

Andrew Goulding Articles said...

Low-budget's nice but big budget's nicer. Do you remember the astonishing opening shot of Bonfire Of The Vanities?


Lori said...

((blush)) I've unfortunately never seen Bonfire of the Vanities.

Now I have to. :-)