Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh FSM, Help me in this new addiction!

Okay. It's official. I'm a geek.

I get addicted to something on the Internet, and is it something cool, like a game? Seedy, like porn? Edgy, like YouTube?

No. I go to geeksville -- or language geek heaven, depending on your 'take'. is a great dictionary reference tool.

And the forums! Lord, love a duck! I've been immersed there for 3 freakin' hours!

Was sent the link to the dictionary by a business associate. Used it a bit, but really got into it yesterday, when I spent most of the afternoon just reading a few articles in French, studying on government time (it's encouraged!). Then I decided to try my hand at translating one of the articles, got stumped on a turn of phrase, posted it on the forum...and haven't looked back!

No computer time for me tomorrow -- unless it's to write my reviews.

Will do laundry instead.



azahar said...

Cool site! Now duly bookmarked.

Lydia said...

Hey, thanks! It's come in handy already. We're doing Spanish and I like the way you can get a turn of phrase for a specific country. Even English speaking countries!

Lori said...

Seriously, ask a question (following the protocols), and whamo! Within 5 minutes, someone's answered it! And search any term, past the dictionary definitions, there's all of the forum threads that mention it -- you could get lost in the lexical permutations for hours!

[is that a bad thing?]

Metro said...
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