Saturday, December 08, 2007

Women! Listen up!

Actually, I think the women that visit my blog (or at least those that comment...) are not the audience for this brilliant post that I stumbled on... 20 Posts All Women Should Read from the AllDivaMedia blog.

From the Diva's introduction:
From Body Mass Index, to filthy diamonds, to the Playboy myth, here is a list of 20 posts that all women should read. Some will inspire you, some will upset you, but most of all these posts should educate you. It wouldn’t hurt for the men to check them out as well.
There's some great links in this list -- and I've yet to follow them all.

And do you know of any posts that should also be included?


(P.S. The (auto-starting) Cat Herding video should be off the front page now. If you're missing it, here's the link to that post!)


alejna said...

I didn't see this post on there, which I read recently, and keep thinking about:
The Fantasy of Being Thin

(p.s. I'm afraid the cat-herding has not yet departed from the front page.)

Lori said...

(I know! I'm working on it!!)

I'll read it!