Saturday, March 01, 2008

Definitions of Power

Years ago, I picked up a book entitled The 48 Laws of Power (by Robert Greene) [Here are the laws summarized.] I subsequently loaned the book out, and it hasn't been returned -- it's a very interesting book that either teaches one how to be a bastard power-monger, or to recognize one...depending on your point of view. A very entertaining book though...

But if you can't find the book to help you to achieve a persona of power, you can just get yourself one of these:

The Han Solo desk (found at DVICE) has its different messages as well, depending on your point of view...Scary Guy or Enormous Geek.

(and no, I don't want one for Christmas...)



Anonymous said...

They could make a mint if they would make the face in a likeness the customer requests.


Anonymous said...

So, is keeping the book a powerful move, or not?

Lori said...

I don't know if that's just a creepy suggestion, or if I'm a little creeped out by you thinking it... :-)

No. Keeping a book is far too normal to be a powerful move. He probably would have kept a novel as well. No significance.