Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Wish of Mine

No, not a wish for humanity, just for me. I've always wanted to be crafty. Arty.

My inner magpie just loves looking at piles of stuff...I'm fascinated by the potential in the raw materials -- paint chips in hardware stores:

those urban recycling craft supply stores...fabric stores and the gorgeous fat quarters:

Bead stores...

But in the end, I don't have the patience, the inclination, what have you.

For those that do, here are some sites for you to play with:

So how crafty are you? Make me jealous in the comments...



PJ said...

Oh yeah! My mom would buy bags of oddly-shaped fabric remnants for 10-year-old me, and I would have a blast sewing clothes for my dolls. The fabric was every kind of colour, pattern, texture. I'd forgotten about that.

I'm crazy about Beadz, the store downtown. Don't you just love to wander through it for an hour?

Lori said...

Actually, the owner of that store is an ass, so no, I don't like wandering it.

The problem is that stores like that can almost depress me...because I want to be able to do stuff, but I know that I really don't have the inclination.

And we really don't need any more clutter, so no macramé beaded potholders here...

Anonymous said...

I refuse to be crafty on environmental grounds. Research has shown that 98.7% of all craft work (and its energy devouring bits and pieces) whether completed or not, end up in the garbage within three months of completion! The other 1.3% require constant energy consuming cleaning efforts to remove the collecting dust, much of which was caused by the craft materials themselves!