Monday, April 21, 2008

Advice for the mother-to-be... discussed with my co-workers today. One is officially 4 weeks from her due date, the other has two young kids under her belt (so to speak).

Advice #1
The correct response to all the unsolicited advice you will receive:

With a big smile: "Thank you for the advice!" (and do what you were planning to do anyway)

Advice #2
The correct response to yet-another-toy from grandma-to-be:

Said with complete honesty and enthusiasm: "What a great thing to have at grandma's house to play with!!"

You're welcome.




PJ in Penticton whose blog is broken at the moment said...

Good advice. It really burns me how pregnant women are always regaled with horror stories from other women -- "My cousin Luanne was in labour for 89 hours and she pushed so hard her eyes came out of their sockets and now she can't remember her postal code" -- that, and people going up to pregnant women and fondling their bellies. One woman I know had the perfect antidote for that -- she'd reach out and squeeze the offender's breasts or testicles as they groped her stomach.

Lori said...

Hey pj-whose-blog-is-broken...

"now she can't remember her postal code" LOL

I'm going to tell my co-worker the antidote today. She's three weeks away from her due date and has probably had it all.