Tuesday, July 01, 2008

A bit of re-organization

Well, I tried out Blogger's new Blog List, with updates...And Mad, I'm sorry, but it wouldn't accept your URL. I'm not sure why that is, but please don't take it as a slight! (Probably 'cause you're using neither Blogger nor Wordpress.).

So, I added another link list, "More Great Blogs". Plus I've updated my Fave Links with some nice, random stuff. I'll keep adding to it. Oh, and there's a slide show of my Flikr photos.




alejna said...

That's a very cool sidebar thingamabob. Does it order by recency of posting? Too bad it neglects those who blog places other than wordpress and blogger.

And too bad it's not something I can add to my wordpress.com blog. (I'm just assuming I can't...)

Lori said...

Yes, alejna, it re-orders as people update -- pretty nice, eh? As far as I know, 'tis a blogger doohickey.