Thursday, July 24, 2008

What defines Canada?

According to an enormous poll of Canadians (conducted by Ipsos-Reid), the top five things that define Canada are:

  1. Maple Leaf
  2. Vimy Ridge
  3. Canadian Flag
  4. Queen Elizabeth
  5. Hockey

And the list goes on to outline the 101 things that we thought encapsulated our fair country.

What do you think?



The Nag said...

No marijuana or same sex marriage? That list sucks.

Lori said...

What annoys me are the not-really-Canadian things: Queen Elizabeth and Tim Hortons (uh, hello? sold to a USian company a decade ago).

I'm with you on the same sex marriage, along with universal health care, beer, hockey, nature...I'll leave the marijuana, 'cause I've not met a habitual, long-term smoker of the stuff that had maintained many intellectual skills.

PJ said...

Where's Wreck Beach, the legal nude beach in Vancouver? You'd never find a socially-accepted clothing-optional public beach down in Fundie Christianland...