Thursday, August 14, 2008

Can Pass Air

Press releases abound today for the launch of Canada's new get-through-customs-easy-like program: CANPASS Air.

C'mon people! Did you not run this past a couple humans with even a mild sense of humour before the launch?!?

What's next for the border? CanPass Gas?

Make me proud!



Anonymous said...

that's a big blushworthy OOPS

Lori said...

Dignity! That's all I ask from my government.


(oh, and accountability, honesty, openness, general scruples...)

Norlinda said...

I'm imagining customs officers shouting and redirecting people to the CANPASS Air line.

Say it out loud, say it proud.

Barbara K. Adamski said...

Oops! Who let that slip out?