Saturday, November 22, 2008

Etymologist's View of the World

The linguistic geek in me really likes these maps:
The map makers researched global place names to find their origins, and then translated them to English.
I've always wanted to visit Mango Leaves on the Isle of Happiness myself.



Heather said...


alejna said...

Very cool.

It would be fun to have your retun address include "Footsteps of the Black One."

I wonder how many city names mean "city"? I know a city called Pueblo, which means "town."

Lori said...

Thanks for visiting! Good luck with your own new blog.

I was wondering when you'd stop by my infrequently updated blog -- knew you'd get a kick out of this find...being linguistically minded and all.

Canada means 'village' supposedly -- natives were asked, in French, "What is this place?" and they pointed to their village saying "kanaka" ("Our village is there, you idiots!").