Saturday, December 06, 2008

Irreverent bastard, but great LOLcat therapy

There I was, happily, blithely even, stumbling the Internet, when I paused on a blog post entitled:
Squirrels that try to be productive members of society can suck it
This surprised me, to say the least*. (*Interesting how that little phrase actually adds words to your sentence...)

I scrolled down a bit...
Platypus: the ultimate buzz kill
Mystified, I scrolled further:
Moose are the biggest dorks ever
I burst out laughing, scrolled back up to see what the hell I'd landed on...and discovered a blog that, yes, will receive a full 4 links from me in this one post:

Please visit Fuck you, Penguin, the blog where cute animals are told 'what's what'.


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