Friday, December 26, 2008

Proper Citations

Always important, especially on the Internet. (Or is it more, people should be just damn careful what they believe on the 'net!)

Found a good source of alternative source citing. Here's a sample:


When citing tattoos or other body art/text:

  1. List the part of the body on which the tattoo was seen.
  2. Name the person sporting the tattoo (if known).
  3. Identify the location where tattoo was observed (if known).
  4. List the date the tattoo was observed (if known).

Example: "This End Up." [Left Buttock, Unidentified Male Dancer; The Loading Zone Bar, Halsted Street; Chicago, Il: January, 31 1998?]

Have I ever told you the story of my one great regret?

I was drinking with the boyfriend-of-the-time in a bar and a couple of Australian sailors in Seoul, South Korea. One of the sailors, full biker beard and a prodigious ability to drink, started showing me his tatts.

Geishas on his shins...Some word on the inside of his lower lip....The usual stuff on the arms.

He then dropped trou and showed me the animals (?) on his butt cheeks.

And the tattoo on the head of his penis.

My regret?

To this day, I can't finish the story. I can't tell you what the image was, 'cause I was a little, uh, taken aback.

What goes through a guy's mind to get a tattoo there? Anyone got any insight?




alejna said...

Ouch. What a shame we may never know what the image was.

Thanks for sharing the info on proper tattoo citations, though. Now I just have to figure out a way to include some in my dissertation, whenever I get around to writing one.

Lori said...

Follow the to cite graffiti properly etc. MUST be useful to your dissertation!

PJ said...

Years ago in a tattoo parlour, I saw a photo of a guy who had one of an elephant's face. The ears were where the pubic hair would have been, and the trunk... I can't imagine how much *that* must have hurt.

Metro said...

"What goes through a guy's mind to get a tattoo there?"

Usually a $#17load of booze. That's the most important element.

Not that I regret it or anything, but the aftercare for "You must be over 18 to ride" is a bitch.

Lori said...

...or why an elephant? My first impression of elephants is rough hide...wrinkly...coarse haired...nothing really manly or sexy.

ew. ironic that my word verification word is "exclech" which sounds remarkably like a satisfying retch!