Sunday, February 13, 2011


I've enjoyed writing reviews, mostly for books (some of which are on my book blog), and I can say that the old adage is true:
It is easier to write a pan than a rave.

Gads, it's hard to find creative ways to say something transcendent. [Insert cliche here]

But ah...nothing equals a good, bad review!

Just stumbled on a great one, for the animated oeuvre that is Gnomeo and Juliet. Here is a delightful snippet:
The worst sin comes at the top of the second act with the introduction of a madcap flamingo character. In the midst of a loud, desultory story the last thing we need is an extra dose of wacky, changing an annoying movie into something almost impossible to stomach.
Wow. Harsh.

Gotta love it!



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