Wednesday, July 06, 2005

How specific can you get?

Here is an interesting business niche: sell only travel-sized items. This is what is doing. Do you need a bit of ketchup (in its own adorable little bottle) for your own private picnic? Or a sterile lancet (Splinter Out) for the cabin?

Why am I so tempted to buy a pile of stuff from these people? What is it about an array of potentially useful items that I just want to stock up the car for last minute road trips? (My SO is screaming: "No! No more stuff in the car!")

Small things are often thought of as cute, or interesting, or portable...but here is a site that takes the classification of Very Small Objects very seriously. For example, on the floor in the hallway of the apartment today, I found a nellifrag petfurpartof (or petfurdisgups if you are my SO) tanirrecruchibiggerlik .... or, in...well, English, a irregularly shaped bit of cat litter. Time to vacuum.


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