Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Tower of Babel

I have a Brazilian friend who lives in Germany, speaks I-don't-know-how-many languages, and who works as a translator. Maybe she would appreciate this "Lost in Translation" site, which has been making the rounds for years.

Translating a phrase from English, into German, back to English, then into Portuguese, back to English again, then into Korean...and so on...does create some really fun stuff.

I tried it, with one of my favourite lines from Bladerunner...

I have from the things, those you, in the order of the ordered
popolano not to believe. The attack transfers ulteriorly to the fogos
to the shoulder of Orion. I observed marks we of the ordered C-light
to ignite to me in the loop that following dark the door to Tannhauser
at all these moments if one becomes the time, because it destroys
ruptures under rain. Decree to die the hour.

The original sounds better...listen to Roy Batty at the bottom of this page (scroll down, scroll WAAY down!)


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